The making of Fern Lake Township . . .

Still working on the outsides of the buildings. The next building, number three, has the cozy apartment on the top two floors and the little market on the first floor. I picked a light turquoise siding for this building, which also has the stairs to work around. This time I decided to tackle them first and get them out of the way. Luckily, the template I made for the first set of stairs worked pretty good on these too.

After the wall next to the stairs, the rest goes pretty quickly. I've decided I prefer cutting all the windows and doors after all the paper is on. I think this big balcony is going to be one of my favorite spots in the town.

Kind of looks like it's been gift wrapped!

Building number three gets added to the finished side of the room. Four more to go.

Building five, the doll shop/toy store/book store/detective office/post office is next. Lots of extra corners and wall space to do on it. Plus another staircase to work around. I picked a cream colored brick, and needed to go and print a few more sheets after the first 12 I made for it.

Here's a back view of what the edges of the buildings all get. Not sure yet what the floor edges will be getting. I am keeping all my leftover brick and siding pieces in a folder though, in case I decide to use them for the floor edges, but I doubt it.

Good thing these buildings are nice and lightweight! The table I was building the whole street on is just too wobbly, so I pulled it out to replace it with more cubicle shelving. Of course with the table out of the room, there wasn't place to put all the buildings, except to stack them up - all the way to the ceiling.

After the table situation was resolved, it's back to finishing up the buildings. Number four, the two story apartment with the flower shop on the first floor, is next. It gets siding in a tannish olive color. These three story buildings require a step stool to work on their top floor, or else I need to lie the buildings down.

With no outside stairs to deal with, this building goes quickly. It does have the only peak though. I've decided I need to cut off all the doors I had left in place, since I can't finish the doorways or the doors with them in place, so off it comes. Probably needs a bigger window on the door anyway. I also just realized this building is going to need shingles on the roof! Ooops.....

Building six, the school, has only one end and the little strips along the open side to cover. Almost too easy!

And last, building seven, the apartment building, gets red brick on the end and the side strips. The big staircase contraption is not attached, so it takes very little time to complete.

A front view of building seven shows the strips all bricked. This completes the basic outer surfaces of all the buildings, so next week I pick a building and start on the trim. The work will not be going so fast anymore, but actually more fun.