Lillian Goodhope Dolls - ten inch dolls

I tried something brand new with these dolls. I had the name Lillian Goodhope stuck in my head for a while, as a cute name for a doll. So I finally came up with a new doll that fit the name. These dolls are all about 10 inches tall - my largest yet. The first version had a cloth body, a hollow head with a shoulderplate so the head turned, and full length clay arms and legs. The second series had the same cloth body, head and shoulderplate, but their upper arms and legs were also cloth, very firmly stuffed. Their lower limbs were clay, and attached to the cloth so they were jointed at the knees and elbows as well as the hips and shoulders.

All of their hair was made by crocheting a little wig cap, then knotting a strand of yarn through each stitch, like hooking a rug. It look a bit of time, but this way their hair could be styled different ways. Just for the record, these dolls were not good sellers. I sold all of the first batch, but from the last batch of 20 dolls, I only sold about 5 of them. I kept several and luckily had sisters and daughters who were more than happy to accept a few as Christmas gifts that year. If you're interested, I included a page showing the steps to making a batch of these larger dolls.

I designed and sewed their outfits, which I have to say, was a much nicer size to work on than my usual six inch dolls. Their adorable shoes I purchased. I couldn't resist them. The dolls in the pictures with the little pinafores over their dresses were the first series. The ones with multi-print skirts were the second series.


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