Sweet P Dolls with crocheted outfits

I needed a break from sewing little clothes and snaps, so I designed these little girls and crocheted them their outfits. I also gave them the first turning heads I ever made. They all had short simple hairdos so they could wear their big fancy hats. I also made their faces a little different than my Little MO Doll faces. These little ones are about 5 inches tall. I only made one small batch.

Each doll was made by me, entirely by hand one at a time, using no molds. Hand sculpted of polymer clay, including their hair, faces, shoes and socks. I use no paint except for a light blush for their cheeks, and their tiny eyebrows. They are jointed at the hips and shoulders with a strong elastic cord. I crocheted their little outfits which included a dress, bloomers and hat. I didn't use any pattern, just made them up as I went, so each one is a little different.


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