Santa, Mrs Claus and elves

If Halloween requires monsters and witches, Christmas surely requires Santa Claus and his wife! And a good number of busy little elves. Santa and the missus stand about 6-1/2 inches tall, and the elves are about 3 inches tall. Elves each left with a toy to build, Mrs. Claus traveled with her tin of cookies and Santa arrived at his new home with a sack of toys - of course!

Each doll was made by me, entirely by hand one at a time, using no molds. Hand sculpted of polymer clay, including their faces, shoes, hair and facial hair. On the elves, their outfits are also all made of colored clay. I use no paint except for a light blush for their cheeks. They are jointed at the hips and shoulders with a strong elastic cord. Their clothes are a mix of fabric and fleece. Santa has suspender pants to wear when he's not dressed up for his annual trip. Mrs. Claus gets a flowered house dress and apron, plus her fancy traditional Christmas Day outfit.


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