Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls made of clay

I think these were the most bothersome dolls I made. Not that they were difficult to create, but the red clay is a bit troublesome to work with. It stains your hands, so making striped red and white socks was a real challenge, as was keeping their faces clean while adding their hair. These took a bit more time than most of the dolls. They were six inches tall, and though a lot of people see their photos and think they are stitched cloth, they are 100% clay, including the little "stitched" seams.

Like all my dolls, they are made of colored clay with the only color added was the blush on their cheeks. And in this case, I used the red clay stain on my fingers to color their cheeks! Wish I had thought of that a few hundred dolls ago. Dolls are jointed at the hips and shoulders and strung with a doubled, strong elastic cord. I made their little outfits as similar as I could get to the original doll clothes, but smaller and simplified. Andy's hat is clay and attached to his head. I didn't make very large batches at a time, usually 6 or 8 pairs, and they always sold quickly.


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