Lake Shore - the little town for my little people

Here's a bunch of pictures of the streets and fronts of most of the buildings. The buildings are all made of foamcore and their bricks and siding and various trims I designed on my computer and printed them off. This is true of the flooring and walls, etc, inside the buildings. I can't tell you how much ink I went through!I saved all sorts of plastic packaging from things I bought, in case I could cut a window or door or something out of it.

On the back wall, I made a row of buildings only a few inches deep and stuck things in their windows, but they had no insides. I just needed something other than a blank wall there like you can see in the first photo. The entire town was set up on three 30" x 72" folding metal tables, in sort of a T shape. Then I added a sewing cabinet at one end and it was higher, so I had to make a little hill to connect it to the tables.

The grass in the town is felt, the dirt path is sand and glue. The trees are polymer clay if you can believe it, with plastic leaves plucked off fake flowers and glued to the tree branches. The bigger tree stands over two feet tall, so I had to stick it in the oven with the door open, bake it a while, then turn it around and bake it some more. Because the door couldn't be closed, it never really baked completely and was always crumbling bit by bit. But I got a lot of use out of it in photos before I had to toss it.


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