Little people for my little town

I'm not sure how it got so out of hand, but back in 2006 I was looking for a new hobby and decided I wanted to make a scale dollhouse. I needed to make it in a material I could cut and assemble myself, so foam core was the perfect solution. My sisters liked the idea so much that I helped them design houses too, and the three of us spent every Saturday for several months putting these houses together. After that, they needed residents, so people making naturally came next. Then more buildings, more people, you know what I mean.....

I made each of these little people pretty much 1:12 scale, though not proportionately correct. They were more caricatures than realistic. They are not posable, and all their clothing is also clay. For some of the clothing with prints, I sandwiched cloth between two layers of the thinnest translucent clay possible, and cut pieces out with scissors, in pattern piece shapes, to make various items.

All the furniture and accessories in the pictures I made with clay, wood, wire, foamcore and whatever else I got my hands on that looked useful. For instance, the kite string is a thin piece of wire and the bubble the little girl is blowing is a clear bead. The pastries were the most fun to make, I could make those all day!


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