A peek inside some of the buildings

Here is a look inside the main buildings in my town - the shopping strip, the pub at one end of the strip, the duplex with a bonus apartment in the attic, and the first house I made that started all this madness.

The shopping strip has three businesses on the ground floor and a spacious apartment upstairs. One of the end businesses is the pub, described below. I don't remember what the other two businesses ended up as, I kept changing their signs. The strip is about 51 inches long and 15 inches deep. The apartment upstairs has a spacious kitchen, roomy livingroom, shiny new bathroom and a cozy bedroom. Like everything else in the town, the kitchen appliances, counters, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, etc. were all made from foamcore. Faucets were thick wire bent to shape.

The pub took the most time, with all its little details. Everything in it is foamcore, clay, paper and wood. The bar seats are so thin and fragile looking, I'm not sure why I did that! The little liquor bottles, tapper handles and fish trophies on the wall were the most fun to make. That's Larry Shore, the town founder, standing around with his arms folded.

Cheap Joe is the proud owner of the red brick duplex. He was able to add a third little apartment to the attic for some extra income. The appliances are all from the 1970's in avocado, harvest gold and copper colors. The apartments are on the small size, but cute and cozy and each has a little balcony or porch for their residents. The railing on the outside stairs is made from a bent coat hanger. And the little peepholes in the apartment doors can actually be looked through. Printing all that red brick paper took a ton of ink cartridges!

This big yellow house is the start of the whole mini craze for me. When I made it I had no intention of making a whole town or anything, so it's actually way too big to even be part of the town. It was a lot of fun to make and add loads of detail to it. It even has fold-up, pull down stairs to the attic that work. It has a basement with furnace, water heater, washer, dryer, utility sink and ductwork! Plus half the basement has a finished rec room with a door out to a little patio under the stairs.


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