Miss Hickory - the doll with the hickory nut head

Miss Hickory originated in a novel from 1946, about a doll made with a hickory nut for a head and apple twigs for her body and limbs. I'm not sure how she came to be associated with the Hitty dolls, but I had a few requests for the strange looking little creature and made a small batch. Mine are of course, not made of hickory nuts and twigs, but all polymer. They're about 5 inches tall. I only made one small batch.

Each doll was made by me, entirely by hand one at a time, using no molds. Hand sculpted of polymer clay, including their nut shaped head and face. I use no paint except for a light blush for their cheeks. They are jointed at the hips and shoulders with a strong elastic cord. I designed and sewed their clothes, and sewed on some more snaps!


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