Making the Lillian Goodhope Dolls

Here is a pictorial view of the steps I took to make my ten inch Lillian Goodhope dolls. If I recall correctly, it took almost two months to make this batch, including their clothes and taking all their photos for listings. Happily, they all found homes pretty quickly, and I kept only the prototype who was a little beat up by the time I was done with her.

Their hair was made by crocheting a little wig cap, then knotting a strand of yarn through each stitch, like hooking a rug. It look a bit of time, but this way their hair could be styled different ways. I didn't think to take photos when I was doing this. I usually made one wig each evening while watching tv with my husband.

I designed and sewed their outfits, which I have to say, was a much nicer size to work on than my usual six inch dolls. They each got a fancy little pinafore which could be worn over their dress, or removed. They also had little bloomers which you don't see. Their adorable shoes and socks I purchased. I couldn't resist them.


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