An assortment of Clowns!

The clowns were something I just really wanted to make for a while, and when I found plastic balloons in their size, and bracelets that were perfect for hula hoops I had to make them. The clowns vary in size from 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 inches tall. Their faces were especially fun to do! Each went to their new home with balloons, hula hoops and circus posters (which were actually tickets to a local circus).

I made the dolls entirely by hand one at a time, using no molds. Hand sculpted of polymer clay, including their hair, faces and face "paint", gloves, shoes and socks. I use no paint on these dolls, just clay in various colors. They are jointed at the hips and shoulders with a strong elastic cord. Silly clothes were kind of fun to make!


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