My brief foray into BJDs (ball jointed dolls)

BJDs kind of fascinate me, with so many posable joints. After making so many simple dolls, I really felt like trying these. So I took a few online classes and gave it a try. Boy, do these things take a lot of time! Every single joint has to be perfect - sanded, filed, drilled and reshaped after baking. I made a few 9 to 11 inches tall, then tried a few 6 inches tall, then decided they were not my cup of tea. I kept the first one I ever made - in one of the classes, and have remade her knee joints at least 4 times and never got them right. I'll leave BJD making to the experts.

These dolls all have hollow bodies and heads so various elastic cords can be strung through them. They have shoulderplates so their heads turn, and are jointed at the hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and wrists. A couple of the large ones also have a joint at the waist. All of their eyes and lips are clay. It was nice working on larger eyes. Some had purchased wigs and some had ones I made with fake fur. I knit all their outfits - that was more fun than making the dolls - and bought cute shoes for the large dolls. I made felt shoes for the small ones as I couldn't find any to fit them online. They were an interesting experiment to try, but I wouldn't make any more of them.


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