first house The Three Story Duplex

I wanted to make some sort of an apartment building next, without it being too huge, so I came up with this three story unit. Only 30" wide including the sidewalk with the stairs and 20" deep, it's the size of a standard piece of foamcore. Cheap Joe is the owner and landlord of this place, which was originally a duplex. He opened up the attic and added a third apartment, but it's still called the duplex by everyone in town.

Each apartment has it's own little walled balcony, or porch, for the first floor. The top floor has a recessed double door balcony. This took some room from inside, so it's a one bedroom unit, while the other two each have two bedrooms. Nevertheless, Cheap Joe charges more for the top floor since it has a larger bedroom, deeper balcony and a better view.

first house A closer look at the stairs and landing

The fire escape style stairs are on the outside of the building, which saves a little inside space. And since these places are TINY, every little bit helps. The railing was made out of a coat hanger bent all over the place. The rail posts and steps are foamcore with printed gridwork on them. The apartment doors even have tiny peepholes that you can actually see though! (Well, you could, if you could get your head in the apartment.)

first house The top floor balcony

Here's a closer look at one of the balconies, the top floor one with the pricey double doors.

first house The lower level porch

The first floor apartment gets a porch with an exit, which is good, since there is no other door out of this unit. Bottom two levels have these single doors instead of the double doors.

first house View of the open back of the duplex

From this view, you can see how "cozy" these little apartments are. Each has a tiny bathroom tucked into the corner, a combined kitchen and livingroom and rather small bedrooms. The two lower units each have two bedrooms, though they are connected to each other with a wide open archway. The upper unit has only one, larger bedroom on the opposite side of the unit.

first house The top floor apartment

The top unit is the only one with the kitchen corner on the far wall of the apartment, so it's easier to get a good photo of this one. The lower two have their kitchen right at the open back of the units, so they sort of block the view. Notice the rather unusual carpeting. Cheap Joe says it's a good choice because it will go with any color furnishings tenants might bring in. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

first house The handsome kitchen area

The kitchens in this duplex are quite small, but still boast full size appliances. However, those appliances are avocado green in the top unit, harvest gold in the middle one and coppertone in the bottom one. Oh well, at least the units are clean. Appliances are made of foamcore, as are the cabinets and sinks. The faucet handles are large beads and a thick soft wire bent for the faucet.

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