the pub The scene is growing...

After the faux buildings were added to the ends of the tables, it seemed like all was good in the little town. Except for one detail I didn't like - after the bakery (the edge of the table) the town just disappeared. If I took pictures near the bakery, there was more of the blank wall next to it. I couldn't add another building, since the table ended there.

I needed to extend the town! Up from the basement came a THIRD six foot table! (Don't even ask why I have all these six foot tables in the basement...) This was no longer going to fit in a spare room, so the entire setup was moved to what was once known as the livingroom. We didn't use the room anyway, who needs a formal livingroom these days? So the livingroom furniture went to a sister and the street was set up in this larger space. The third table was placed next to the side of the other two (sort of), forming a long L in the corner of the room.

I made a quick diagram so you can see how the tables went together and the placement of the buildings.

the pub Beyond the bakery

The only problem with adding the third table, was there wasn't quite enough room for a six foot long table. So I moved the faux buildings over a little, sort of into the alley next to the shop/apartment building, and put the third table overlapping the edge of the other table. It looked kind of odd just overlapped, so I raised it about eight inches and had a hill!

In front of the bakery I made a small set of steps and a stone (foamcore) wall, made a foamcore slope to connect the high and low tables and covered it with the same green felt grass. Now I had a whole six foot addition to my town.

the pub A residential area is born

A few more faux buildings were added (these are so fast and easy to make!) to cover the wall and connect the upper and lower levels. A little dirt path led out of town from the top of the steps, and across most of the higher table. Plants sprouted and people came to enjoy the new area.

the pub Some new houses were needed

The new faux houses were a side by side duplex and a two story farmhouse. Both had porches deep enough for people to actually stand on, but still narrow enough to leave most of the table open. I didn't make the path go all the way across the table because I wasn't sure what was going on the opposite end.

the pub Faux buildings exposed

Here's a view that shows how shallow the faux buildings are. Sure saves on table space, doesn't it?

the pub A bird sanctuary in the park

The open area of the second table still needed something, but something small so it didn't block the view of the street scene. So I made a little bird sanctuary, with a brick edged, sandy base for easy maintenance. I put all the park benches nearby, a little sign (dedicating the sanctuary area to the town founder's mother), Elmer and his pigeon friends moved over, and the area was complete.

the pub A birdbath

A birdbath was essential, so I had the fun of making the clay water, one of my favorite things. The rough looking stone bath ended up a little rougher looking than I would have liked, but it works.

the pub And finally, some birds

Finally, I made a little pole that contained bird feeders and bird houses. In no time all sorts of birds started appearing, much to the delight of the bird watchers like Elmer. And that is as far as I've gone with the whole scene...

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