pizza Fresh from Frank 'n Steins Pub - Pepperoni Pizza

Hand tossed crust, loads of fresh ingredients and fresh grated cheese - that's Karl's recipe for a pizza that his customers love. This pizza has a generous helping of locally made pepperoni slices, lots of mozzerella cheese and a generous amount of sauce. It's baked in a hot pizza oven til the crust is golden brown and the cheese is bubbly. Best served nice and hot!

These pizzas are just over an inch across - making them equal to a 12 inch pizza. Once they are finished and out of the oven, they're easy to cut while they're still hot. Once they cool it's another story. They can be warmed up to cut at a later time too. I never can decide for sure if I want them cut up or not, so I make a few each way. In addition to the pepperoni pizza shown here, I made meat lovers, four cheese and veggie lovers pizzas.

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