Frank 'n Steins Pub on Main

Frank 'n Steins Pub on Main Street
This is Karl, the cook at Frank 'n Steins. Although best known for his great beef franks and cold root beer, he makes a pretty good pizza too. His plate lunches aren't bad either. By about 11:30 each day, he has a pretty good crowd at the little pub.

A bit about this scene: Like most of the town's businesses, Frank 'n Steins is not a big place, but small, friendly and cozy. And popular. Great food, cold beer and always some interesting conversation going on. Karl, the manager, pizza maker and cook all rolled into one, is there to make sure everyone enjoys themself and has plenty to eat. Karl is 1:12 scale, non-posable, and made from polymer clay. His clothing and hair are also clay. The pub is made from foamcore, as are all the buildings in my street scene. To see more views of the pub and the rest of the town, check out the "A Look at Main Street" section from the main mini's page.

To have a closer look at a few of Karl's dinner plate specials, click on any of the photos on the left.

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