Fins & Scales pet shop

Fins and Scales Pet Shop - Pets in Tanks

The little pet shop on Main Street, Fins and Scales, is happy to announce their hand raised lizards, turtles and snakes are finally available to the lucky residents of Lake Shore. Each little reptile has his own tank designed just for him. Tanks are specifially designed for the reptile's happiness and comfort. Three walls have cozy habitat prints on them, with only the front having clear acrylic for viewing the little critters.

A bit about this scene: Like all the buildings in this little town, the pet shop is made from foamcore, and printed papers are used for the brick and other textures.

I'm not sure why I did, but I made three sizes of each kind of tank - The large size tank is 4 inches wide, medium is 3 inches wide and small is 2 inches wide. The smaller the tank, the smaller the critters living in it. They were kind of fun to put together.

Fins and Scales Pet Shop - Pets in Tanks

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