Little MO Dolls

Since I started making Little MO Dolls in July of 2008, a number of them have ended up staying here to live with me. I've made them a few houses, a roomy porch and even a grassy yard to play in, but nothing that I was really crazy about, and nothing I kept for very long. And they were always too crowded! Lately I've been thinking it would be nice to make them something a little more permanent and roomy enough for everyone, and actually finish and completely furnish this new house.

Over the next few days, I drew up a few different homes for them, to be made of foam core (my favorite building material). As my drawings and sketches grew and grew, I decided they'd need one really huge house, or several smaller houses. So Fern Lake Township was about to be born. From its very beginning, to the end, however long that may take, I'll be posting my progress here so anyone who wants to watch my little town come alive is welcome to. This little town will be built in a spare bedroom, atop various tables and shelves. Time to get busy!

A little progress whenever time permits . . .
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