Elmer, the pigeons best friend

Elmer's woodworking
This is Elmer. He can be found just about every morning, sitting in the park across the street from the little strip mall on 3rd street. He has his routine he likes to stick to - feed the pigeons, read the morning paper and then do the daily Sudoku puzzle. Once his puzzle is finished, he strolls across the street to Cheap Joe's diner or the pub down the street, for a hearty breakfast. After his breakfast, he likes to head back to his home where he has converted his whole basement into a woodworking shop. He enjoys creating things from wood, though he isn't too fast at it anymore. He makes toys and tables and footstools, and sells them to buy more wood so he can make more things. Life is good for Elmer.

A bit about this scene: In addition to Elmer, many of the accessories are made of clay, with some additional materials used as needed. Bench is made of wood and clay, pigeons are clay with tiny wire feet, loaf of bread has a tiny plastic wrapper around it. Newspaper is made of paper, and pencil in Elmer's pocket is part of a toothpick, shaped and painted. Like all my people, Elmer is 1:12 scale, non-posable and made without molds. His clothing is made using my own technique for realistic, fabric-like clothes.


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