Luigi the Happy Baker from Main Street Sweets

The Baker from Main Street
Meet Luigi, the perpetually cheerful baker from the Main Street Sweets bakery shop in the little town of Lake Shore. He's happy because he's doing what he loves to do - baking yummy desserts!! And now that he's the head baker (also the ONLY baker) at the newly renovated little sweet shop, he's free to dream up as many new treats as he can think of. His desserts are quite popular with the people in town, and recently he's begun to sell and ship them all over the world!

A bit about this scene: Luigi is made of polymer clay, using no molds. His clothing and (facial) hair is also clay, individually styled to suit just him. He is made in 1:12 scale, and is just about 5-1/2 inches tall. Like all of my scale people, Luigi is not posable. He is not made like my Little MO Dolls (with jointed shoulders and hips), and is not quite as big as they are.

To see a bigger picture of the delectable goodies Luigi has cooked up, click on the images at the left.

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