crochet pattern Crocheted Tabby Cat

This pattern is for a somewhat homely crocheted house cat. He's kind of silly looking, but very cuddly and loveable! He's made from 4 ply cotton and is about 11 inches tall. Pattern is 4 pages long, with easy to follow, step by step illustrated instructions.

This little cat is easy to make, using only very basic stitches with a bit of shaping. His silly body shape makes him a perfect shape to wear simple little shirts, jackets or even pants (or dresses if your cat is a girl).You'll probably want to make a whole bunch of them in different colors! If you use a variegated yarn like I did, you'll get a cat with lots of interesting stripes. Or you can use a solid color if you prefer, and make a grey cat or a black one or a white one....

This pattern will be emailed to you as a pdf file.

#023 PDF Crochet Pattern for Tabby Cat..........$3.50

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